options if SANTA is at location


Santa Only,

  • Just a fast Santa Shoot

If Santa is not at the event Disregard the Santa options.

What Photos Are Taken ?

Santa photos,  Then we also shoot more photos Holiday Theme

  • Santa with Pets
  • Santa With Children
  • Santa with Family's and Pets

Only Holiday Shots, No Santa ?

Some times Santa will be there and you don't want Santa shots,  

Not a problem. He may help assist with the photo shoot.

Photo Options ..

We offer several options with the Holiday Season..

Some options are the following...

  • Holiday Theme
  • Non Holiday Theme
  • Just the background theme's 

Props Etc.. What to bring

We don't have many props,  For a great personalized photo, we recommend you to 

bring your special outfits, toys,. Etc...

  • Family's, Children
  • Dogs & Cats
  • Birds & More...

Any other questions, please contact us as 314-941-5995

Thank you for spending time with TLS Photo

Our goal is to spend time with your family and friends & your special Pets.

We enjoy spending quality time to each customer to make sure we make it a great experience. 

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Thank you for your business...